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Flyers and Print Distribution

Committee Head: Paula Brouilette and Kay Danielle

This is the perfect committee to dip your tow into volunteering. This committee works best for Friends who do not need a set daily schedule, want a bit more flexibility with their time contribution, yet also have the time to get flyers up around town within a specific window of time.


Flyers will be printed for specific events, a call for help will be made by the committee head via email, and the request is to help place them in designated spots around certain towns within a few days. Your committee head will assign volunteers areas based on their location.

How You Can Help

Pick a town and answer the email call for help when you can!


Flyer distribution areas:


  • Mystic

  • Westerly

  • Pawcatuck

  • Charlestown

  • Narragansett


Most Flexible Shedule

When the email request comes in to help, you will have a few days to distribute flyers to set locations around town.

Volunteer to Help Distribute Flyers Below

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